Thursday, February 23 | Youth Day | 12:45pm - 1:45pm 

Would you describe yourself as an "evangelist"? What about a "missionary"? If you follow Jesus, you should be embracing both of those titles. Pope Francis said that to be a Christian and missionary are the same thing “you can't be one and not the other". But what is evangelization? What does it mean to be a missionary? And where is your mission field? In this session, we will help you to not just live out your faith in Jesus everyday, but learn how to share with others about what He has done for you... We will help you embrace "the E word".

Michael Marchand is a preacher, teacher, and innovator who is focused on serving his (second) favorite group of people on the planet: Catholic youth ministers. After years of working in parish youth ministry, Michael cofounded ProjectYM to do just that. Since then, his work as President of ProjectYM has taken him across the country and around the world training, equipping, and supporting thousands of youth ministry leaders...and letting them know that they matter.

Crystal Marchand works as Director of Engagement for ProjectYM. Over the last 16 years, she has been an all-star youth ministry volunteer, written and led countless number of retreats and has had the privilege to support and love on several wonderful small groups of teens and youth ministers.

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