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This course is offered to accepted students in the Advanced Ministry Studies program. And also serves as formal ongoing formation to any person serving in any ministry in the Church. E.g.: Pastors, Deacons, Master Catechists, Parish Catechetical Leaders, etc. Ongoing Formation fee $25.00
One Mission One Faith—OMOF consists of five units, each unit is structured with two to seven sessions. There are two Zoom Live 3hr sessions and 6 Zoom Live integration sessions. Online sessions run for one week each and are asynchronous, meaning you can complete the work at any time during the week according to the schedule you set for yourself. Session 1 is schedule to run an orientation for both Zoom and Moodle platforms.

Curso Bíblico Avanzado En colaboración con la Oficina de Educación Religiosa de la Arquidiócesis de Los Angeles y el Centro para la Religión y Espiritualidad, Loyola Marymount University