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One Mission One Faith — OMOF consists of five units, each unit is structured with two to seven sessions. The formation is through a hybrid online format. A combination of Zoom and Online sessions, modeling discipleship, accompaniment and forming online community. There are Zoom teaching and integration meetings sessions. The self pace online sessions run for one week each, each participant works on their own schedule of the scheduled online weeks.
Año 20223 - 2024 NUEVO TESTAMENTO

Curso Bíblico Avanzado Objetivo: El programa de estudio avanzado es la continuación del Curso Medio de las Sagradas Escrituras.
Curso Bíblico Medio Año 2023-2024 Objetivo General: El Curso Bíblico Intermedio es un requisito académico para todas aquellas personas que se han terminado el Curso Bíblico Básico y que persiguen como objetivo el continuar sus estudios en un Curso Bíblico Avanzado. La visión que éste plantea consiste en abordar temas fundamentales que son parte integral de un conocimiento necesario sobre la estructura interior de la Biblia y que no se cubren en el Curso Básico.
VSFF is an 8-week training opportunity for anyone involved in Faith formation programs in their parish. It will equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to be witnesses of the faith and to accompany those they serve (adults, families, young adults, youth, and children) in their journey of missionary discipleship with adult faith formation at the center.
this is a link to pay a Non-refundable fee, $200 per person per year.

2024 Luminary Program; Parish Catechetical Leader Training

This Luminary program is designed to equip PCL's with the skills necessary to excel in their ministry.
This includes practical tools to meet the demands of today's PCL's busy agenda.
The prerequisites to be a Luminarian is to complete this registration and send your payment along with the signed pastor letter.
The Book Series used throughout this program is:
Effective Catechetical Leader by Loyola Press & NCCL (2017)