YDKey-Craig: Life of Joy

Thursday, February 23 | Youth Day Keynote Presentation 

Humans cycle through phases. Many of us spend our lives jumping from one interest to another looking for happiness. Faith can sometimes be another one of those passing phases. This dynamic Keynote Presentation, provides practical tips on how to make your Christian faith a permanent lifestyle and the ultimate source of joy, freedom, and peace.

Born in New Jersey and raised in Ohio, Maggie Craig currently resides in California. Equipped with an M.A. in Theology and a gift for humor and storytelling, Maggie travels the country full-time as a speaker and retreat leader. She enjoys watching NBA basketball, climbing mountains, and consuming breakfast burritos. For more info, visit her website Maggie-craig.com, check out her YouTube channel, follow her on Instagram @Maggie_Craig_Ministries, or find her on Tik Tok @Maggie Craig Ministries.

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