YD-Estrella: The EUCHARIST: Who God truly is, shows me who I truly am

Thursday, February 23 | Youth Day | 12:45pm - 1:45pm 

We know the hits. We know the keywords. Source. Summit. 100% God. 100% Man. NOT-a-symbol. TRANSUBSTANTIATION [insert surprised Pikachu meme]. But, beyond that beautiful vocabulary, there remains a truth. A REAL truth. One that you can actually TASTE with your real mouth, in real life. The Truth of who God is, and who we are within His universe. The Eucharist isn't just a tradition of one-way connection, not just God wanting to enter our body and soul; He also wants us to enter His. But this beautiful truth also creates questions! Weird ones, if we're being honest. Jesus became divine food, for me and my salvation. And they tell me to "be like Jesus", to "imitate His life and holiness".   DO I HAVE TO BECOME FOOD FOR MY LOVED ONES, TOO!? Jesus flipped over tables in a rage, once. SHOULD I BE FLIPPING TABLES!? Chris will discuss this important, yet simple (while also sometimes mind-bendingly perplexing) element of our faith, with stories, songs, and more.

Chris Estrella is an inspirational speaker, worship musician, choir director, retreat leader, liturgist, and workshop presenter from Southern California. Chris speaks on faith and offers prayerful, diverse and powerful music experiences on behalf of Oregon Catholic Press (OCP), and is known for his energetic real-talk, complete with silly voices, impromptu beatboxing, and a few terrible dance moves. He lives in San Bernardino, CA, with his wife, Alex, and their young kids, Eevee (named after a Pokemon!) and Edryc (NOT named after a Pokemon!). 

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