YD-Brummel/Wilson:I am Called

Thursday, February 23 | Youth Day | 10:30am - 11:30am 

Does God really call people? Is God really calling me? How do I know and what should I do? Throughout history, we have seen what can happen when young people dare to say yes to God’s intimate call in their life. Explore God’s call in all of our lives through music, laughter, inspiration and prayer with catechetical comedians and musicians Doug and Dave.

Talented storytellers, musicians and stewards of the Faith, Doug Brummel and Dave Wilson joined forces in 2018 to create “The Doug and Dave Show,” an endeavor as fun and entertaining as it is Faith-filled. Through original faith-in-action music, rich sketches and quirky characterizations, Doug and Dave have become highly sought-after for parish, diocesan and national events across the country. They are thrilled to return to LA Congress Youth Day! Based in Colorado, both men treasure their vocations as husbands and fathers to their families.

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