If you are involved in parish ministry in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, then these Webinars are for you!

Access 10+ webinars for free. Over 10 hours of educational material available to you. See topics below.
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​Discernment - Listening to God in Initiation and Parish Ministry
​Evangelization - Parishing Embracing the Vision, Getting the Passion
​RCIA - Identifying and Nurturing Sponsors
​RCIA - Implamenting the Rite with Young Adults
​RCIA - Learn by doing, and the Apprenticeship Model
Marriage and other Reocurring Canonical Issues in Christian Initiation
Roman Missal Changes in the Easter Vigil​
Mystagogy - A Catholic Approach to Living the Christian life​​
​The New Evangelizationand Revitalizing the RCIA
​The Presentation of the Creed and the Lords Prayer
​Who Belongs on your Parish RCIA Team?


Must have an ACES (@la-archdiocese.org) account in order to access these videos. If you are involved in parish ministry, contact your pastor or HVeliz@la-archdiocese.org for more info on how to obtain an ACES account.