GA2(24): Keynote "Be Loved!" - Recognizing Love Along Life's Journey

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Saturday, February 17, 2024 | Keynote | 7:50am 

RECOGNIZING LOVE ALONG LIFE’S JOURNEY - Many of us seek mentors for guidance in our careers and passions, yet we often overlook the importance of spiritual mentors. In this inspiring Keynote Address, Jessica Sarowitz will share how her pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain and her connection with her spiritual mentors, especially Sister Maria Rosa Leggol (known as the 'Mother Teresa of Honduras'), helped her recognize love in all its forms and encouraged her to make giving back a meaningful part of her ongoing journey.

Jessica Sarowitz, founder of Miraflores Films and Executive Producer of WITH THIS LIGHT, is a social impact investor and entrepreneur. As a Latinx woman and the daughter of immigrants, she seeks out projects around the world that directly benefit people of color with much needed facilities and resources. She works in collaboration with communities in need to create transformative opportunities and experiences. Jessica created Miraflores films to bring awareness to the stories of marginalized groups and amplify the voices of inspiring women through documentary film. She is an active philanthropist, advocating for the missions of several nonprofits, including one that she co-founded, the Julian Grace Foundation and a proud mother of twins.


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