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October 26th, 2019
Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Ventura,CA
For Parish Submitting Ministers

The Catholic Bible Institute is a comprehensive, three-year Bible study program: one year focuses on the Old Testament, one year on the New Testament, and a third year on the Bible in the life of the Church, along with some practical skills for facilitating biblical conversations. The goal of CBI is growth in relationship with Jesus Christ through the study of the Bible. CBI participants study the Word of God according to Catholic principles and connect the Word with life through prayer, conversation, and written reflection.


April 7th- June 9th
Online Via Zoom

This is an ongoing formation for Catechist, Ministers, Religious, Parish Catechetical Leaders, RCIA Catechists, Prayer Group Leaders, etc.
Curso Bíblico Medio Año 2020-2021 Objetivo Explorar el perfil histórico-crítico de la Biblia. Objetivo General: El Curso Bíblico Medio es un requisito académico para todas aquellas personas que han terminado el Curso Bíblico Básico y que persiguen como objetivo el continuar sus estudios en un Curso Bíblico Avanzado.