4-02: Eucharist: Deepening Understanding of the Real Presence with Children and Families

Saturday, February 25 | Period 4 | 10:00am - 11:15am 

In this time of Eucharistic Revival, we have been called to underscore a foundational truth of our faith: that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. How do we make this clear to families so that they understand this magnificent, life-changing gift that we are blessed to receive each time we go to Mass? How do we accompany young children on their journey of sacramental preparation so that they realize that Christ nourishes them each time they receive Him in Holy Communion? Join Catholic singer and songwriter John Burland and Kids' Liturgy host Heidi Witte as they share engaging tools to help families grow in appreciation for the Body and Blood of Christ. Be ready to sing, move, and hear the Word of God so that all ages can recognize Jesus' true presence in the Breaking of the Bread.

John Burland is an educator and composer of religious music for children and adults. He has written and recorded over 300 songs and published 15 music collections internationally. John is the Education Officer: Archdiocesan Liturgical Music for Sydney Catholic Schools, Australia, and the National Music Consultant for Bayard, Inc. During his extensive career, John has worked as a classroom teacher, Assistant and Acting Principal, and a Religious Education Coordinator in school and parish communities. He is a regular speaker at conferences and gatherings across Australia, North America, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Heidi Witte (fondly known as Miss Heidi) is the host of Kids' Liturgy on The CatholicTV Network and the free Kids' Liturgy YouTube Channel. She is a former Catholic school teacher, cantor, and catechist, and holds an M.Ed. in Elementary Education from the University of Notre Dame. Currently, Heidi assists in the editing of catechetical materials for Pflaum Publishing Group and serves as a partner with Bayard, Inc. for Children and Family Faith Formation. Her catechetical booklet is titled, "How to Tell Sacred Stories to Young Children". Heidi lives with her husband Mark and their 2 young children in South Bend, Indiana.

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