3-08: Four Essential B's: How Beliefs Affect Our Bodies, Brains and Bonds

Friday, February 24 | Period 3 | 2:45pm - 4:00pm 

How do our core beliefs affect our bodies, brains and relationships in both positive and negative ways? (For example, did you know that what we believe about the food we eat will affect how our bodies process the calories?) We will explore how our beliefs, words and actions not only affect our brains and bodies, but also the brains and bodies of those around us. We will also discover how prayer fuels our health and well-being, decreasing our stress, and boosting our resilience, allowing all of us to live more joyfully.

Anne Kertz Kernion is owner/artist of Cards by Anne, an inspirational greeting card company.  Anne has taught "Cross-Cultural Understanding of Religious Meaning" at Carlow University and courses ranging from Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Nutrition, to World Religions and Ethics. Her recent book, "Spiritual Practices for the Brain: Caring for Mind, Body and Soul,"  is published by Loyola Press.  Anne is a frequent lecturer and retreat leader, presenting topics that combine neuroscience, positive psychology, and spirituality.  Anne has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering and an MA in Theology. She is married and has 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren.

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