Catholic Bible Institute: New Testament Year, 2021 - 2022 (English)

The Catholic Bible Institute is a comprehensive, three-year Bible study program: one focuses on the Old Testament, another on the New Testament, and a third year on the Bible in the life of the Church, along with some practical skills for facilitating Bible-based programs in parishes. The goal of CBI is growth in relationship with Jesus Christ through the study of the Bible. CBI participants study the Word of God according to Catholic principles and connect the Word with life through prayer, conversation, and written reflection.

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The New Testament Year is a virtual experience.

CBI learning entails:

  • Presentations from a wide range of Bible scholars and experts via live web conference
  • Prayer and small-group conversation via live web conference
  • Readings from the Bible and Bible commentaries
  • Written reflections
  • Accompaniment by a team of facilitators    

Participants can earn LMU Extension Semester Hours in the Certification-Track, or participate simply for their own learning in the Enrichment-Track.

CBI sessions occur via Zoom from 9AM to 1PM on the following dates:

August 21, 2021:  Bible basics & Catholic principles of biblical interpretation (CBI Team)

August 28, 2021:  New Testament introduction (Fr. Tim Peters)

September 11, 2021:  Gospel according to Mark (Fr. Patrick Mullen)

October 9, 2021:  Gospel according to Matthew (Dr. Michael Barber)

November 13, 2021:  Gospel according to Luke (Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson)

December 4, 2021:  Acts of the Apostles (Sr. Laurie Brink, OP)

January 15, 2022:  Gospel according to John (Fr. Slawomir Szkredka)

February 12, 2022:  Pauline letters (Fr. Thomas Stegman, SJ)

March 12, 2022:  Pauline letters (Dr. Peter Williamson)

April 9, 2022:  Catholic letters (Dr. Sherri Brown)

May 14, 2022:  Revelation (Dr. Eugenia Constantinou)

June 18, 2022:  New Testament theology (Fr. Felix Just, SJ)



Old Testament Tuition $380.00 

New Testament Tuition $380.00 (early registration $300.00)

Practicum Tuition $190.00

these fees doesn't include any text books


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Alex Moreno
Administrative Secretary