Basic Initiation Formation - Via Zoom

September 1,2020 - December 08, 2020
Via Zoom

Basic Initiation Formation


The liturgy office (OFW) presents this certification to train catechists who want to work with adults or children of catechetical age who seek baptism in the Catholic Church. Our goal is to help members of the Initiation teams explore the connections between good liturgy and catechesis.  We will do this by presenting a series of workshops that will give them an overview of the Initiation process, as well as prayer experiences  that will give participants the opportunity to experiment personally and reflect on the significant aspects of the Rite. The Office will provide a Basic Initiation Training certificate for those who participate in all 15 sessions and complete a project related to the parish ministry.  For people who have already participated in the Regional Congresses they can complete their basic training by attending only the sessions they are missing.

We start

Tuesday September 1, 2020

7:00 pm via Zoom

Sep 1, 20     Preparing the Initiating Community

Sep 8, 20     Forming the team

Sep 15, 20   Formation of the Godparents

Sep 22, 20   Welcoming those interested

Sep 29, 20   Celebrating Acceptance Fr. Richard

Oct 6, 20     Liturgical Catechesis/Mystagogy

Oct 13, 20   Why we dismiss those, we just welcomed Fr. Richard

Oct 20, 20   Celebrating Minor Rites Fr. Pedro

Oct 27, 20   Celebration/Reflection on Rite of Sending      Fr. Richard

Nov 3, 20    Praying our way through Lent Fr. Pedro

Nov 10, 20  Celebrating Purification and Enlightenment Fr. Pedro

Nov 17, 20  Celebration of adapted Preparation Rites Fr. Richard

Nov 24, 20  Welcoming into Full Communion

Dec 1, 20    Completing Initiation for Baptized Catholics

Dec 8, 20    Mystagogy/Continuing Conversion

For more information please contact Leticia Perez

213-637-7595 or