Ananias Training Summer 2021


Traveling with Others the Discipleship Path

Inspired by the important role Ananias played in St. Paul's journey to Christ [Acts 9:10-19], our Ananias Training will help parishes, homes, and apostolates become places where we can:

• recognize the stages of another's spiritual journey through compassionate listening.
• listen lovingly to their real questions and opinions about God in order to guide the discovery of how God is present and active in a person's life.
• talk about our relationship with God.
• share how we came to be a disciple of Jesus.

Ananias Training is a 17-hour process structured over five Zoom experiences and an online learning platform, designed to form parishioners with no previous training in "the art of spiritual accompaniment." The training will use Scripture reflections, video, and facilitated discussions to form "Ananiases."

Intended Audience
• Pastors and pastoral leaders who desire to move a parish culture toward mission by raising up individuals who can journey with others toward intentional discipleship.
• RCIA team members.
• Small group and table leaders of all types.
• Called & Gifted interviewers and small group leaders.
• Ministers to the sick and homebound.
• Parishioners who desire the confidence and skills to share their faith with family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Ananias Training will be offered through Zoom sessions and an online learning platform.

Cost: $35 for online access and materials

The Zoom Sessions will be on the follow dates:
Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 8:00pm

June 29 Session 1 
July 6 Session 2
July 13 Session 3
July 23 - 24 Retreat-Option #1
July 24 - 25 Retreat-Option #2
July 27 Session 4


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Accepted payment methods:

¤ Credit card - through our online store

¤ Check or money order - please make check payable to "ONEPL" and include your order number or a copy of your order confirmation.  

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Office of New Evangelization & Parish Life (4th Floor)
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
3424 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010


This training is hosted by:
Archdiocese of Los Angeles – Office of New Evangelization and Parish Life

Bobby Vidal
Ph: (213) 637- 7366
Katie Tassinari
Associate Director
Ph: (213) 804-9109
Alicia Hernandez
Administrative Assistant
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